About Me

A simple guy who loves to travel and see the world through a camera lens. Capturing moments that are worth keeping.

I got my first camera when i was 8 years old and it was one of those point and shoot by Konica and I was hooked on to photography. My first actual SLR was an Nikon F5 and I was shooting the Japan GT Championship. the one to thank the most is My Dad, who granted me full responsibility to the camera and lenses. From there on there is no turning back.

The very first DSLR I used was the D100. It was not the best but it was revolutionary. I kept that camera and skipped the D200. The other camera I loved most is my D300 and D700 which I acquired recently. In 2009, Photoclicker have been requested by Philips Malaysia and the Malaysia Harmonica Society (MHS) as their official event photographer.