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Since my last outing to Broga Hills did not produce any pictures, I decided to try again and hoping that the sky will be clear.  It was raining heavily the night before and i was worried that the same will happen on my day of outing.

On Saturday morning, i woke up at 5am, and prepared myself for the quick 30 min hike to my usual spot up on the hill. To my dismay, the sky was cloudy and looks like it was about to rain as well. I pressed on and drove to the foothill.

During my accent, i kept watch of the sky for any any signs of rain or the clouds to clear and when i reached the top, my prayers were answered. The sky was clear and only small puffs of clouds was visible. I quickly setup my gear and started shooting.

Here are the best among the lot.

At 7:00am

At 7:15 am

At 7:20 am

At 7:30 am

At 7:45 am

Hope you guys like it.