After a week of time out I was longing to get myself back on track covering events. As I was scouring the internet for events, i come across something interesting; An anime feast in in Sunway University College. I immediately called up my brother and my friend Lawrence, they are both anime and manga buffs, to join me so i won’t feel so left out during the event.

By the time the 3 of us reach Sunway Universty college it was already 10:10 am, we were excited and riding high on our expectations, we went straight to the multi-purpose hall on the 4th floor. It took us a while to locate the hall as the directions were unclear; however, we put that behind us and continued moving towards the multi-purpose hall where the event is held.


When we reach the 4th floor, we saw a counter and there was a RM 8.00 entrance fee. We paid he entrance fee and got ourselves a goodies bag which contained a plastic folder and and issue of “Gempak” Magazine (well what are you expecting from an RM8.00 entrance fee). At the entrance to the hall, we saw a big bunting, showing that this event was endorsed by Animax. Upon seeing that, our expectations went up a notch.

Empty hall

The first step into the hall and we were surprised to see that there is actually no one in the Hall and at 10:00 am the place is still empty, we can see people still getting ready, setting up their costume, putting on make-up, etc. Lawrence was telling me, maybe they have just started it is still early, well another small setback. We waited until 11.30 and still the crowd was still small, then cosplay entrants were only the few and not so friendly to outsiders like us. Some of them posed for their friends but shrugged us off by putting up their hands or by moving away (Not to polite eh…). But some did oblige.

Cutie pie fan

cosplay contestant

Another thing which i am very disappointed is that the exhibitions. you can actually see a layer of dust on the figure itself. It comes as a shock to me as from my understanding, these figures don’t come cheap. Since to some people they are their pride and joy and sad to say the owners of these figures are one of them.

At about 11.45 -12.00 pm, the emcee came and a singing competition is about to start. According to the emcee, the contestants are coming from Saturday competitions. well finally, something interesting. A small crowd gathered in front of the stage. As the competitions move on some of the cosplay entrants are getting high and started dancing to the various that the contestants are singing. Not bad actually.

At about 12.30, the singing competition has ended and a slightly better turnout. More people, finally!!!

We left the event around 1.00 pm and if you asked me, whether if the event is a success?? I would say 2 things:

  1. The event was a success for the organizers and the students of Sunway. Because they enjoyed it.
  2. For outsiders like us coming to the event, we find there are a lot of areas which can still be improved.

Well, thats all for now, I am looking forward to DaiCon 2009 happening at MMU, Cyberjaya. Hopefully, the event will be more lively then this one.

P.s. A special thanks to Kenny (my brother) and Lawrence for their pictures to my blog.

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