Visitors admiring the landscape

For those who have been reading about my last post do know that me and my mates are heading up to Broga Hill, Semenyih for a hike and hopefully able to snap a few sunrise shots. My sister and another close friend, Lawrence Khoo, decided to tag along.

Lawrence Khoo posing with his Camera
I woke up this morning and was hoping for good weather and hopefully “Mr. Sun” would give us a bit of shine when he wakes up. My friends are coming all the way from Pj and Puchong, we met up at the Petronas station after nearby to the exit from SILK highway. After confirming all have arrived, we head on to Broga Hills with much anticipation of an easy hike and a beautiful view from the top of the hill.
When we reach out parking destination, there was another group of youngsters who had arrive at the same time as us. After everyone has gotten ready, both groups set off for the hilltop. and unknowingly, this is where our misadventure started. 
Initially, we are unaware that the group leading us were first timers and they have not got a clue on the trail ahead of them. As expected, we hit a dead end. Since we are unclear where we were, one of my friend decided to lead the way. 
He found a route which had lead us through what he thought is the longer route to the top but boy… how wrong we were. the route took us through and orchard and a rubber plantation and at then out hill climb starts. there were large boulder which we had to climb across and “lalang” as tall as i am and hey I am 5 ft 11 inches. Now I get the feeling of Bear Grylls from an episode of Man vs wild of the discovery channel.

My sister’s legs after walking through the “Lalang” field

After going through all that, our actual hill climb starts. More “lalang” got into our way and this time there is no escaping. the whole hill is covered with them(I was thinking “Oh man!!”). I feel bad for my sister who tagged along since I told her it would be an easy trek. But now we have to open our own path to up to the hilltop. After staggering, slipping and almost giving up, the hilltop is in sight. and I tell you this is one sight that no sunrise can match, we are finally there!!!

Mr. Sun is feeling a bit under the weather today
No Sun
I pushed my sister on telling her that the top is near. After nearly 2 hours of hiking, we finally reached the top. Although we missed the sunrise, we all felt a sense of satisfaction, we came out alive on what could be a disaster. 

Everyone have a light chat after reaching the hill top
Home!!! Hot Bath here we come!!!
All is well ends well I guess, we all manage to get home safely and get some much needed rest and as for the pictures i promised?? Sorry guys, nothing spectacular only a few simple shots just to show we made it to the top. 
Click here for a few more pictures